Michael F. Lazar

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The clips below were recorded live during a recital by Andres Saborio in the Auer Hall (400 seats) at the Jacobs School of Music, University of Indiana in Bloomington Indiana on March 4, 2010. 

The guitar is a dual fan lattice brace model. It was completed and strung about 2 weeks prior to the recital and was delivered to Andres at the University on March 2.

El Choclo Felicidade
Alfonsina y el Mar Vals de Media Noche

Here are some additional clips taken from studio recordings of Andres Saborio using the same guitar. The first appears on a CD entitled "Latidudes Del Sueno" which features the music of Natalia Esquivel, a contemporary composer from Costa Rica. The second two appear on a CD entitled "Cabalgando Vientos" featuring guitar compositions by Alejandro Cardona, another contemporary composer from Costa Rica. The same guitar in the hands of the same guitarist sounds somewhat different in these two recordings. No doubt this is due to different recording equipment and environments and different interpretative expectations by the different composers imposed on both the guitarist and the recording engineers.  Nevertheless I think the clips will help the listener determine whether they might find one of my guitars appealing. 

Canto 1 Canto 2