Michael F. Lazar
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Biography and Lutherie Background

  Early Years

After joining the bank, but while still in my teens, I discovered the guitar and there began a passion that thrives to this day.  From the beginning my passion for playing guitar sparked a never ending quest for better  instruments. My earliest concepts of a great guitar were shaped by the instruments owned by my teachers, friends and professional guitarists. 

In 1972, I had an opportunity to enroll in a week long master class being conducted by Carlos Barbosa Lima at the University of Hartford, Connecticut. Carlos was playing a guitar that had been produced under the "Augustine" label by luthier Frank Haselbacher. (Yes, this is the same "Augustine" that makes guitar strings.)  I subsequently 

learned that  Haselbacher studied guitar making under Albert Augustine who in turn was influenced by Hermann Hauser. I was completely mesmerized by the sound of that guitar. It made an impression that lasted many years and formed a basis for new standards that I would use when considering guitars for acquisition.

During the late 70's I learned of a guitar maker named Robert Bouchet and studied whatever literature I could find about his guitars. I never did get to hear a Bouchet guitar but the written descriptions of them fascinated me. From there I went on to search out books and other literature which helped to form a deeper understanding of the instrument while continuing to fuel my passion.