Michael F. Lazar

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Picture Gallery

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Domed Top.jpg (79105 bytes)

Bridge~1.jpg (69575 bytes)

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Domed Top

Scalloped Bridge Bridge (Muskox Horn) Compensated Saddle Compensated Nut

Rosette~1.jpg (77754 bytes)

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Rosette~3.jpg (99098 bytes)

Rosette~4.jpg (96749 bytes)

Rosette~5.jpg (115480 bytes)

Custom Rosette Custom Rosette Custom Rosette Rosette made in Russia Rosette made in Russia
Gotoh~1.jpg (120067 bytes) Gotoh~2.jpg (115696 bytes) Graf.JPG (81622 bytes) Graf~2.jpg (76016 bytes) Head Stock.jpg (61515 bytes)

Gotoh Tuners "A"

Gotoh Tuners "B" Graf Tuners Graf Tuners (7 String) Head Stock

Elevated fretboard.jpg (72545 bytes)

Purfling~1.jpg (67883 bytes) Purfling~2.jpg (84275 bytes) Purfling~3.jpg (72523 bytes) Ports.jpg (69397 bytes)
Elevated Fret Board Traditional Purfling  Perimeter Purfling Side/Tail Purfling Acoustic Ports (option)