Michael F. Lazar

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Pricing (Updated December 12, 2020)

The price for my standard guitars continuues unchanged at CDN$ 5,000 or US$ equivalent. 

The price for a Friederich style architecture and aesthetics is CDN$ 6,000 or US$ equivalent.

Standard scale length is 650 mm. Other scale lengths are available and I can also accommodate custom neck widths and string spacing.  7 or 8 string configurations can be accommodated as well. 

I do not take deposits for guitars with standard materials, configuration and scale lengths. Non-standard orders will be quoted upon inquiry and will be subject to a deposit.  Full payment is due upon delivery. Shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.

If the client is not completely satisfied, the full purchase price (less any deposit for non-standard orders) will be refunded immediately upon return of the instrument within 15 days, provided it has not been damaged.  If the instrument has been damaged, I may make a deduction the amount of which shall be at my discretion. As French polish can be somewhat delicate there will be no deduction for wear, small dings etc. in the finish.  

Subsequent adjustments to the action or other requirements not necessitated by externally inflicted damage will be made free of charge. 

French polish can be somewhat delicate, particularly during the first year. After about one year, the finish becomes much harder and tougher providing a superior base for subsequent renewals. Consequently I offer one free renewal of the finish after one year has elapsed. 

Please e-mail me (mflazar@telus.net) , or phone (780) 458-2635 to open a discussion around your interest and needs.