Michael F. Lazar

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I Here are some testimonials from people that I've built guitars for. For me it is tremendously gratifying to have favorable comments from musicians who play my instruments. 

I know you have been waiting to hear from me regarding the guitar I commissioned from you. Well, Mick, I would not return this guitar to you for even twice what I paid for it.  It is an extraordinary instrument! The balance is perfect, the intonation is accurate and the separation brings about, in my mind, a perfect compromise of warmth and clarity. Finally, the guitar has a powerful but not overwhelming projective voice. You have exceeded my expectations which were very high. 

New York City, New York 

For the first time since I got the Lutz guitar, tonight I heard it played by a very good player. Wow. He was, as we say, "blown-away". He could not believe that it was just a few months old. He loved the action, the tone and the power. It was such a pleasure to hear the guitar. He questioned - "what in the world would I want more in a guitar???" After hearing him play, I said," frankly, I don't know". I sincerely believe you may be one of the most undiscovered "great" luthiers in the classical "world". As a professional marketer, (and I don't mean to presume) I can imagine you could easily charge more for your guitars. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 
Marketer & Hobby Guitarist 

This guitar has been wonderful. I just used it in the recording of a new album of chamber music by Costa Rican composer Natalia Esquivel and was delighted with how it performed with the other instruments (violin, cello, flute) as well as in the solo cuts.

Alajuela, Costa Rica 
Professional performing Guitarst 

Instructor at the University of Costa Rica



When I play Bach and Dowland the voices are just crystal clear, the same with Astor Piazolla, which suits the guitar very well. And then of course I enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship every time I open the case. Iím re-fingering my whole Bach and Dowland repertoire to this 7 string guitar, and it blows some new air into the pieces with the extra string and a lot of overtones to control, its really exciting. So Mick you have a very satisfied customer and friend in little Denmark, and I will keep in touch. 

Store Hedding, Denmark 
Performer & Teacher 

The more I play your guitar the more I like it.  It's a superb instrument. Everything I play sounds good on it.

Edmonton, Alberta 
Performer & Teacher

This guitar is absolutely amazing! I didn't know guitars could sound and play like this, you are truly an artist.

Edmonton, Alberta 
Student Guitarist